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Since 2011, the company has been organizing research to obtain an additional information about effectiveness and safety of medicines. Collecting data on the results of drug administration is also called a clinical research.

Clinical research is widespread all over the world, and is an integral part of drug development. The results of the research are the basis for registration of medicines with the Ministry of Health and their market launch.

Data collection on safety and effectiveness continues even after going on sale. In order to get more information, various studies and programs to support patients, who take medicines, are organized. As a rule, commercial and non-commercial organizations provide financing to clinical researches and patient support programs fully or partially.

Bioequivalence research is a type of pharmacokinetic study of a drug effect. Bioequivalence means establishing the similarity of one medicine to another. This is achieved by studying how the medicine is absorbed into the blood, how it is distributed throughout the body and excreted. When comparing two medicines, it is concluded that they are similar […]

Support Program for Patients (SPP) is an event where we help patients, for instance: –  providing financial assistance –  carrying out additional diagnostic and laboratory studies – information on disease – information on treatment. – assisting individuals who care for the patient. These programs are sponsored by pharmaceutical companies, funds, and organizations.  The patient must […]

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