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The medical research center CoMed is a structural unit of the «Ligand Research» company. Since 2011, we have been conducting scientific researches in medicine, aimed at studying new treatment methods and estimation of efficiency of medicines and equipment before their going on the Russian market.

In 2019 we made a decision to open a medical center. We chose the name CoMed for a reason. It combines several meanings to reflect the company’s concept in full. The prefix -co — from the Latin «con-«means «action jointness», «association», «together»,«collectively». In English, «co» also means «cooperation» (cooperation — «co-working», «interaction»). In addition, «co» is an abbreviation of the word company.

Thanks to background of experience in research, we could open personal clinic CoMed, which one of the first gets the information about all-new products and gain experience with new medicines and equipment. That is why we offer the latest treatment methods and life quality improvement programs.

The center has two main departments: research and medical.

The research center conducts clinical Russian and international researches of medicines and equipment that have received the permission from the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation and Roszdravnadzor. All conducted researches have passed an independent Ethics review in order to evaluate the ethicality and safety for participants.

Medical center provides medical services for people.


The medical unit is located in Mosmedpark.

Mosmedpark is the only cluster of biomedical services and laboratory diagnostics in Moscow for manufacturers of medical devices, equipment and pharmaceuticals, where medical production, laboratories, research centers, warehouses and administrative premises are located on the same territory. MOSMEDPARK is a specialized platform that unites medical and pharmaceutical companies, an ecosystem has been created here for mutually beneficial professional cooperation of residents.

Mosmedpark is managed by Technopark Strogino, supported by the Moscow Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development.

Legal Information

Medical Research Center «CoMed» Ligand Research, LLC .

Founder – Ligand Research LLC, registration date – March 23, 2011. Medical department opening date – May 09, 2020.

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